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3D fully interactive tutorials NEW!!!!



Your products and machinery need training, installation and maintenance and face the problem of expensive off-site training?


Your facilities have a high standard of on-line/e-learning and interactivity and face the problem to convey information of concepts that are usually hidden to the eye?


You will love to to train your operators efficiently and safely in a “real world” but hazard-free environment with our fully interactive 3D training material which uses the newest cutting edge software to produce a virtual reality in which you can learn by doing.


Your operators are enabled to learn in depth at their own pace and get immediate feedback on how they are doing, through quiz and score facilities which allow an off-site training any moment of the day.


Unlike many conventional learning material our interactive 3D tutorials enhance the learning process through “learning by playing” while you can track and benchmark the progress online.


Your high expenses for moving operators offsite is completely taken out. Your access is guaranteed through light server based solutions and the output into 3D pdf (to be read and operated with the free reader) makes them portable as an i-pod.