You get over 20 years of international experience

Stefanie Sinn
Founder of Ngaru Design Ltd


Stefanie graduated in 1989 as Industrial Designer from the University of Applied Science at Pforzheim in Germany. She had previously studied Sculpture and Design in the US and completed a 6 month apprenticeship in tool-rooms of Metal Industries in Germany.

Stef Sinn


Upon graduating Stefanie lived and worked in Milan for over fifteen years. She has worked with many iconic designers and design studios including Richard Sapper, Kartell, Fontana Arte, Design Continuum Italia, Lorenzo Bonfanti and Columbus/Cinelli. Products developed during that time include a aluminium folding chair, biomedical equipment, graphic material for bicycle frames and accessories, products for the disabled, electrical and household appliances.


A design relationship with Click Clack whilst in Italy led to Stefanie’s move to New Zealand. At Click Clack, Palmerston North she worked as Product and Tool designer and produced three patents of which one for an unidirectional drive (plus two for product designed as a consultant).

Trading in New Zealand as Ngaru Design Limited since March 2005 her clients include New Zealand companies such as Nextspace Ltd, Hansen Products Limited and Irripod Limited. She consults to Wellington Polytech Institute of Technology in the fields of Design, Engineering and Rapid Prototyping. Australian clients include Outerspace Design Pty Ltd and Meridian Cable Management.


Major clients are in the automotive industry overseas.


Ngaru Design is currently involved in major breakthrough development in the automotive industry, which at this stage, unfortunately has to remain confidential.


Ngaru Design is a member of the Designers Institute of New Zealand, the NZ-German Business Association and PDMA.

The name Ngaru Design

In Maori language Ngaru means ocean wave

it represents the continuum of change and regeneration (innovation) as well as beauty and good energy!

Whilst Ngaru Design has a rather international background, the name is a tribute to the stunning beauty of New Zealand and the possibility this country gives to those who appreciate it.


The ocean gets the best out of us to produce the best for our clients. And as there is the perfect wave, there is the perfect curve for every shape and the best path for every solution - we only have to search enough with passion and persistence and then enjoy the ride ;-) after all our work is fun!