From start to finish

Your ideas will come to life from your original concept.

Your contact with Ngaru Design will bring you innovative European design ideas, knowledge and skills.


Very recently a computer company came to us for providing new video training material of their software both for the end user as well as for the trainers. We worked with their fantastic team to weave written and visual content together and got an outstanding result, which has exceeded the expectation in timing and content of both client and training team and which is been delivered now.


Recently a client came to us with a sketch for what he thought would be a breakthrough in the automotive sector. From his sketch we produced, with him, a functioning prototype that will reach the market very soon.

We achieved a lot of efficiency for their production in providing a solution which produces 2 separate versions in the same tool.


A few years ago we assisted a manufacturer who had lost a major US client to factories in China. Quality failed in the American market so we re-engineered the product range, provided an alternative solution and they recovered their American client and expanded to sell on the international market.


Last year an Australian Design Studio working with a different CAD programe came to us for a little tricky request from their client to transform their design into a special version of Pro/e respecting certain special ways of modeling they used internally as best practice.

We assisted the client by explaining what that meant and provided a solution in record time going our usual extra extra mile. The client was so pleased he added an unrequested extra 50% bonus onto the initial quote.