Who we work with

We are involved in major breakthrough development which, at this stage, unfortunately has to remain confidential.

Our NZ client list includes Nextspace Ltd, Hansen Products (NZ) Ltd, Click Clack Ltd, Weltec - Wellington Institute of Technology.


Outerspace Design Pty Ltd and Meridian Cable Management are part of the Australian client list.


Ngaru Design Ltd has their major clients in the automotive industry overseas who have to remain confidential.

What they say about us

Simon Kooymans, Outerspace design Group, Melbourne Australia:

Hi Stef,

Just wanted to thankyou for your great effort on our project. It’s great to partner with someone like yourself and get quality solutions back, not just more questions or problems. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with you again.



Carl Hansen from Hansen Products (NZ) Ltd:

Our company gained value for different projects from Stef's work because of her systematic and professional approach.

We appreciate her innovative and compelling solutions and her broad knowledge of the industry.



Michael Boyd from Meridian Cable Management - Melbourne:

I am writing you to thank you for your help with our recent project


We had critical deadlines and Ngaru Design’s professionalism – skill, attention to detail, regular reporting and on-time delivery – relieved me of concerns and allowed us to concentrate on our own tasks with confidence that we would meet our deadlines and achieve a good outcome.